Lesvos Hiking Trail Network

Today in Lesvos there is the network of walking routes from the Company of Local Development of Lesvos (ETAL S.A.) supported by LEADER, in cooperation with the municipalities of the island.

There is a development plan with 18 paths covering the entire island with the special characteristics of each region.

Visit the beautiful forests of chestnut trees, the olive paths, the traditional farming paths, walk on the pavement of “patoumenis” at Agiasos, enjoy the cool waters of the bay of Gera and Kalloni under the shadow of olive groves, meet the unique nature of the Petrified Forest, visit the castle of Molyvos, observe rare birds in the wetlands, stroll around the traditional villages, relax in the traditional cafes and get refreshed in thermal baths.

Lesvos Local Development Company, ETAL S.A.

Tel. 22510 29400

E-mail: inquiries@etal-sa.gr