Kalloni Bay Wetland

The coastal areas around the Bay constitute a unified ecosystem, as this area is a mosaic of salt marshes, estuaries of small rivers and streams, reeds, pine forests and olive groves. So these wetlands give natural shelter and a breeding place for many rare and endangered bird species.

More specifically, the wetlands include the whole coastal area of the Bay and a great number of land wetlands: the salt marshes of Kalloni and Polichnitos, the torrents Tsiknias, Vouvaris, Mylopotamos, Ennea Kamares, Potmia, Lagoon of Messon, the marsh of Skala Kalloni, of Parakoila, of Nyfida , etc. The Bay has joined the National & European Catalog of “Special Areas of Nature Preservation” by Natura Net 2000.

The area gives shelter to 252 bird species, 87 of which are protected species. The last few years bird watching in this wetland attracts a lot of people, visitors, scientists, nature lovers, etc.

This area is particularly interesting because it is overgrown with pine trees, olive trees, reeds, a wide variety of rare species of flora such as orchids and native plants. All these along with the facilities of Salinas offer abundant food and natural shelters for all living organizations, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, while beyond the ecological and economic significance there is also an aesthetic significance for Lesvos.