Agricultural Associations

agrotouristikoi syneterismoi

Several Women’s Agricultural Associations have been active in Lesvos since the 90s, contributing with their presence to the conservation of the gastronomic culture, the promotion of the island and its economic development.

They are involved in the production of traditional dishes (savory and sweet), in an attempt to offer the purest products of the lesbian earth. Examples of these products are spoon-sweets, jams, pies, pasta, pastries, liqueurs, etc., all handmade with extra care.

The women’s Collectives have their own workshop and their exhibition room which is a shop at the same time. They offer catering to events, while the Women’s Collective at Petra owns rooms for rent and operates the restaurant during summer.


Agricultural Association of Agia Paraskevi Women “Selada”

Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos 81102

Tel. – Fax: 22530 31196


Agricultural Association of Agra Women “Lefka”

Agra, Lesvos 81105

Tel .: 22530 95568

Mob .: 6948646351

Agricultural Association of Geras Women “Aristea”

Papados, Geras, 81106

Tel .: 22510 84211

Agricultural Association of Mesotopos Women

Mesotopos, Lesvos, 81105

Tel .: 22530 96390, 694 4592860

Fax: 22530 96590



Agricultural Association of Mithymna Women

Mithymna, 81108

Tel .: 22530 71258

Agricultural Association of Parakoila Women

Parakila, Lesvos 81107

Tel. – Fax: 22530 94441



Agricultural Association of Petra Women

Petra Lesvos 81109

Tel .: 22530 41238

E-mai: l

Agricultural and Manufacturing Association of Plomari Women

Playa, Plomari 81200

Tel .: 22520 31033

Mob .: 6986115257

Agricultural Association of Polichnitos Women

Polichnitos, Lesvos 81300

Tel .: 22520 42260

Agricultural Association of Skalochori Women

Skalochori, Lesvos 81300

Tel .: 22530 98887



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