The aim of the global educative project “I AM A GEOPARKER” is to organize an international club of young people that define themselves as “Geoparkers: the storytellers of the history of the Earth”. The project wants to be operative in all the global geoparks that promote educative activities as an important work area in their territories.

How to become a Geoparker: Young people that could become geoparkers should come from Primary or High Schools that carry up educative activities linked to a global geopark. They could also come from local Nature conservation-based NGO that produces no formal education activities always linked to a global geopark.

Geopark’s educative activities provide training about the geological processes that shape their landscape and some other aspects linked to their territory. That includes as well the stories that constitute the living memory of said territory as an emotional bond between people and land. After this training, pupils must try to explain these processes as a little story using different resources: videos, slide presentations, speeches, papers, etc. The explanations may be shared with other youngsters around the world using a common website, a youtube channel or a book with selected stories.

Young people that complete a story become geoparkers and enter in an international club of geoparkers in the whole world. To become a geoparker means to be someone that belongs to an international fellowship that preserve lots of stories about Earth, amazing stories to tell to other kids, anywhere at any moment. To become a geoparker also means to be someone that understands how important the geological heritage is. Furthermore, this understanding found the reason why he or she will decide to look after the planet.

Geoparkers’ relationships: Geoparkers must communicate among them. They must recognize one another wherever they live, whenever they could meet. They can try to make join works, keep the opportunity to learn and teach each another about their territories and countries. It will be a creative way to learn sciences and a great way to improve English. The first meeting space will be the playground. The project must build a virtual playground to store and share all the stories produced by the geoparkers.

The Geoparkers of Lesvos Island UNESCO Global Geopark:

  • Kindergarten of Taxiarches “Travelling in my place” [link]
  • Kindergarten of Chidira “Tree, our best friend” [link]
  • 2nd Elementary School of Mytilene “Sappho and the Deinothere” – A fairytale written and illustrated by the pupils of the 4th grade [link]
  • 9th Elementary School of Mytilene “I learn about the climate change through Lesvos Geopark” by the pupils of the 4th grade [link]
  • 4th High School of Mytilene «Lesvos Petrified Forest» [link]
  • Experimental Lyceum of Mytilene of the University of the Aegean «The Refugee Island» [link]