Map Navigation

Welcome to Web Map application of Lesvos Geopark

Web map application is an alternative way of navigating and following a virtual tour into the Geopark of Lesvos.

Through this web map, the user will understand the spatial distribution and spatial extent of the Geopark within the island of Lesvos.

It is build as a story map, where the users can take a Tour through a sequence of geotagged photos, narrative text, and multimedia content to a map, highlighting the points of interest in Lesvos Geopark.

The web map allows users to harness the power of maps and geography to take a virtual tour through the Lesvos Geopark. The app provides the following features:

  • Selection of POI’s through a carousel of photos.
  • Navigation on the interactive web map for the selection of POIs.
  • Capabilities of Zoom in / out, and Locate where the user can define his current position in the Geopark (Locate only on mobile devices).
  • Narrative text, and links to multimedia content and the virtual tour of the selected POI.

The application uses cloud-based mapping technology and is accessible from browsers and mobile devices, regardless the operating system. For optimum performance, use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome for Windows and Linux, the Safari in MAC iOS, and Chrome on Android.

From this link download the static map of Lesvos Geopark.