Sea Tour

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Coastal zone Sigri - Nisiopi

People who visit the Petrified Forest will have the unique opportunity to admire the marine part of it in the coastal zone of the isle Nisiopi, as well as its land part with the unique findings of petrified trees that are 20 million years old. Visitors will travel to the isle Nisiopi and the marine part of the Petrified Forest by the special new boat of the Museum. Through the glass bottom of the boat visitors will be able to observe not only the unique fossil sites that are now under the sea but also the unique geological formations and structures.

Nisiopi or Megalonisi is the islet that closes the bay west of Sigri and is part of the wider area of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos.

In the islet of Nisiopi impressive land and maritime sections of petrified tree trunks have been recorded, excavated and preserved. Almost throughout the island hundreds of petrified tree trunks, upright or down on the ground, with impressive colours, complete the picture of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos. The high concentration of petrified plants in Nisiopi makes it a unique geotope.

On the western side of the island giant tree trunks have been revealed of coniferous and flowering trees (ancestral forms of Sequoia) lying on the beach. Dozens of petrified tree-trunks in very good condition can be seen below sea level in the sea around the island.


Coastal zone of North Lesvos

For those who want to experience the natural beauty of the coastline and enjoy swimming at beaches where road access is difficult, a wide variety of day trips are organized in many parts of the northern part of the island by boat departing from Molyvos.