Water Activities

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Scuba Diving

The long coastline of the island of Lesvos combined with the enormous wealth of the bottom of the sea create the ideal conditions for those who seek for the magic of underwater exploration.
Shipwrecks, colourful corals, various sea species and the unique morphology of the seabed create dozens of destinations suitable for diving.




Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Centre has been operating since 2002 and offers full dive services to both locals and visitors.
It operates from Yako II Beach Bar in Petra Beach.
It’s instructors are qualified and officially recognized by the Greek Government and PADI – CMAS.
Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Centre follows the PADI educational system and standards, offering a full range of courses, covering the needs of complete novices and experienced divers. All courses are fully supported with the latest educational material (manuals, CD’s, DVD’s etc.)
It uses Scubapro diving equipment (regulators, BCD’s, suits, etc.)
Dive with us, no matter what your experience is, with one of our qualified instructors and enjoy the beauty and calm waters the Mediterranean Sea has to offer!


Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Centre
Τηλ. 0030 6945998764, 0030 6981026085
E-mail: info@lesvoscuba.gr


Lesvos is a particularly interesting island not only for experienced sailors but also for people who just want to sail around the island. The Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos and the Sailing Club of Mytilene will contribute to the accomplishment of the above goals.
The Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos is located in the port of Mytilene. It organizes seminars with theoretical and practical courses twice a year. The club has quite a number of offshore vessels and it organizes every year a race round the island “Periplus of Lesvos”, while participating in races of other groups. It also sends a significant number of vessels in the Aegean Regatta.
For all those who want to learn sailing the Sailing Club of Mytilene operates sailing learning schools for adults and children >7 years old. The schools include courses of all levels varying from beginners to racing teams. The I.O.M. (Sailing Club of Mytilene) organizes offshore sailing races, as well as optimist sailing races and participates with vessels and crews in major sailing events throughout Greece.




Alternative sailing operates on Lesvos based in the Mytilini Marina and Molivos harbor. Its trips are a combination of sailing and the wealth found in abundance on Lesvos and the Northern Aegean. Apart from the thrills of a one or more days trip enjoying the wind, the sails, the sun chasing the sea waves, the picturesque harbours, the hidden coves unreachable by land, the numerous little isles, Alternative Sailing takes you on board the traditional tastes, the biodiversity and the culture of Lesvos island offering a unique life experience.

Alternative Sailing co-operates with other alternative enterprises in planning trips where sailing can be combined with cycling, scuba diving, bird and flora watching, hiking, climbing and many other activities offered by Lesvos nature.

Phone.6974792050, 6978893703


Sea kayak

The calm waters of the island are ideal for kayaking. In Lesvos you can rent a kayak and with the help of a trainer you can cross the sea passage that separates the island of Lesvos and Ayvalik, you can approach less popular beaches or tour in Asia Minor coastline.
One to two – week trips are also organized. The kayaks belong to the category known as seat-in kayaks. Those are the kayaks that are closed for one or two people, suitable for long distances, but also for the transfer of the necessary supplies for the trip.

Phone: 22520 42080, 6986729992
E-mail: info@pandoralesvos.com

Wind surf - Kite surf

If you love Wind surf and Kite surf, you will definitely find your beach whatever the wind is.
Moreover, at the northern end of the Gulf of Sigri, the Wind Surf – Kite Surf Centre of Sigri offers courses for all levels of learners.

Sigri Surf
Phone: 22530 54600, 0043(0)6767634480
E-mail: info@sigrisurf.com

Water sports

In the area of Eressos and Vatera there are many businesses involved in water sports. The instructors are very experienced and meet all safety standards. You can try water skiing, parasailing, canoes, tube rides, banana boats, flyfish, boat trips to nearby beaches and a lot of other sports.

Sea tour in Nisiopi

People who visit the Petrified Forest will have the unique opportunity to admire the marine part of it in the coastal zone of the isle Nisiopi, as well as its land part with the unique findings of petrified trees that are 20 million years old. Visitors will travel to the isle Nisiopi and the marine part of the Petrified Forest by the special new boat of the Museum. Through the glass bottom of the boat visitors will be able to observe not only the unique fossil sites that are now under the sea but also the unique geological formations and structures.

Lesvos Museum of Natural History of Petrified forest
Phone: 22530 54434
E-mail: lesvospf@otenet.gr